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hostpapa coupon codes

Hostpapa Coupon Code Promo Codes Updated For June 2018:

  • Save 20% Off Hostpapa’s Hosting Plans:

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    Use this coupon code to save 20% off all new hosting packages at
  • Save 10% Off All Hosting Plans:

    Show Coupon
    This promo code will save you 10% off all hosting plans.
  • Save up to 60% Off VPS Hosting Plans:


    Get powerful hosting for your website with VPS. Right now Hostpapa is offering 60% off their ‘Plus’ VPS plan, which is their entry-level. No promo code required, instead this is a link-activated discount.
  • Get Business Hosting For Just $3.95/Month:

    This is a cool link-activated discount where you can get Hostpapa’s Business Hosting for just $3.95/month (regular price: $12.99/month). You can also get their Starter Plan for $3.95/month, and the Business Pro Plan for $12.95/month (regular price: $19.99/month).
  • Get 3 Months Free on a #-Year Plan:

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    The longer you buy, the more you save. Get 3 months free with Hostpapa when you use this promo code at checkout on a 3-year hosting plan.
  • Save 15% Off Hosting Plans:

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    Take 15% off your hosting plan with this coupon code from

Everything You Need to Know About HostPapa:

HostPapa founded by Jamie Opalchuk is a web hosting company based in Ontario, and whose goal is to provide resellers, small businesses, and web designers, with a broad range of web-based solutions. These solutions include:

• Multi-site reseller option for IT firms and designers
• Hosting plans for start-up, and small businesses
• Drag and drop website builder

HostPapa states that its goal is to provide each client with the kind of full-featured hosting packages that they need in a hosting plan, backed by excellent customer service. When looking for information about HostPapa, it is important to know that it was named 27th Annual Profit 500 Ranking company in Canada last year.

Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting Plans

HostPapa users are provided with unlimited email accounts, disk storage, bandwidth, SSL support, one-click installation, databases, and the latest MySQL and PHP versions, all for $3.95/mo. What this means is that HostPapa provides more options than what the other hosting providers offer their clients.

Why Consider HostPapa?

There are many things to like about its shared hosting plant. To begin with, you are bound to get more value, for a small amount of money. Its starter plan retails at $3.95 and enables you, and your company to host up to 2 websites.

For this amount, you will also receive 100GB of disk space, a free domain, and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, you will also receive 100 email accounts, access to the drag and drop site builder, 200 free apps, as well as added security and speed. All these for a very small amount.

Additional factors you should know about HostPapa include:

• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Uptime guarantee is an essential factor for any person who owns a website. All its clients are protected by the SLA (service level agreement). In this agreement, HostPapa provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9% for all users on the shared hosting platform.
• It provides an affordable green hosting service. The fact that the hosting company provides service affordability that goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability is a remarkable fete. Currently, HostPapa is ranked as one of the cheapest green hosting service providers.
• Good business record. The company has been rated by the Better Business Bureau since 2010, and currently has an A+ rating.
• Responsive live chat support. Its support staff has consistently been well rated by its client’s thanks to their impressive performance. They are quick to respond to client queries and will provide guidance where it is needed.
• Huge room for upgrades and expansions. As a client, you will have 5 VPS plans to choose from. It is critical for your business to have upgrade options available, to enable you to expand the hosting server.

How Does Its Green Hosting Plan Work?

HostPapa took the initiative to go green in 2000. This was achieved through the purchase of renewable energy used to power their offices and servers. And No, the company has not installed a solar panel or wind turbine atop its data center.

What it does instead is purchase renewable energy certificates, which are then used in offsetting their power usage. This is something that has assisted in reducing the CO2 emissions that would have occurred if the company relied on energy from non-green energy from the traditional sources of power.

Ever tried giving out coupon codes as gifts? They can be a budget-friendly way to show someone that you are about their ambitions. You can read more about it here.

godaddy ssl coupon code

GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes

GoDaddy’s Secure-Socket Layer Promo Codes Updated For June 2018:

  • Save 35% Off All New Products (Including SSL Certificates):

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    Best Deal! Even though offers coupon codes specifically for SSL certificates, they don’t save you as much as this site-wide promo code, which will save you 35% off the regular price.
  • Save 20% Off All SSL Certificates:

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    This promo code will save you 20% off the regular price for SSL, but the 20% discount only kicks in if you buy it for 2 years. If you only buy 1-year, then the discount is 10%.
  • Take 10% Off Your SSL Certificate:

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    This is another promo code that saves you 10% off your purchase.
  • 34% Off Discount Code:

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    This is a site-wide discount code you can use to take 34% off all new purchases. So if you’re buying lots of different things all at once, this will save you lots.
  • Save 30% Off All New Top-Level Domains (TLD’s):

    Show Coupon

    Registering a .ORG domain, or a .NET? This coupon will save you 30% off all new purchases at
  • 99 Cent .COM Sale:

    Show Coupon
    Register the world’s popular domain extension and pay only 99 cents for your .COM domain. Limit is one per customer.
  • Try The Website Builder For Free For 1 Month:

    Show Coupon

    GoDaddy has their own drag-and-drop website builder that you can try for free for one month when you use this promo code.
  • Try’s Web Hosting For One Dollar Per Month:

    Show Coupon

    You can sign up for GoDaddy’s web hosting plan for just 1 dollar per month with this coupon. All new hosting plans come with a free domain registration as well (regular price for a domain: $14.99/year).
  • 50% Off All New Hosting Plans:

    Show Coupon

    Take 50% off all new shared hosting packages at If you’re not going for the Economy hosting plan, then this is the best voucher code you can use on your hosting purchase. If you’re looking to renew, we have a collection of renewal promo codes here:’s SSL Certificate Review

There’s no doubt that most savvy people are concerned about their security on the internet. They want to know whether they are safe from different types of risks. One security feature that can give them ultimate assurance is the SSL certificate. As a website owner, you need to get the right SSL for your website. One of the most popular providers of SSL certificate is GoDaddy. The giant web hosting company also deals in selling these certificates. Here is a review of Godaddy’s SSL certificates.

Godaddy has been providing web hosting services since 1997, and in all these years, it has risen to be among the top internet companies in the global scene. It currently hosts millions of websites and domain names. Apart from providing its services at cheaper rates, the company also prides on giving excellent customer care services. Since we are interested in the SSL certificate, are GoDaddy’s SSL certificates worth buying?

The 3 Types of SSL Certificates

GoDaddy offers website owners three levels of SSL certificates: the Standard, Deluxe and Premium SSL certificate. All the three certificates are recognized by all the browsers and have 128-256 bit encryption level. Let’s look at the specific features that one can get at each level:

1. Standard SSL certificates

This type of SSL certificate can be used by websites that don’t have sensitive documents or data, but still require some levels of security. Such websites also don’t experience high traffic. Anyone can use this certificate as its cost does not exceed $30. It also requires minimum verification requirements. However, Standard SSL from GoDaddy can only be available on one website. The good news is that you can upgrade to a standard SSL that covers several domains.

2. Deluxe SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is designed for a slightly bigger business or organization that needs to secure some sensitive data that are being transmitted through the website. Some of the things that can be protected by this data include credit card payment information and some other sensitive documents. The certificate has 256 encryption, and you can begin using it 2 hours after the installation. The deluxe SSL certificate also provides you with an option of upgrading.

3. Premium SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is ideal for organizations and businesses that deal with highly sensitive data. Such websites also experience high traffic and assure customers about the security of their data. You can tell that a website is using a premium SSL certificate if its entire address bar is green rather than just having a padlock symbol.

Getting a Premium SSL certificate from GoDaddy is quite a process. You may need to verify the nature of the business by providing detailed documentation.

Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)

All the SSL certificates from GoDaddy are Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). This simply means that one certificate can be used to secure up to 100 domain names. The certificates are also compatible with Microsoft Communication Server and Microsoft Server 2007.


GoDaddy is a reputable company that has been in the internet business for quite long. It also has a good customer care team that can handle any issue regarding the certificates at any time of the day. They are also available on various platforms where you can contact them. Godaddy’s SSL certificates are worth the investment.

godaddy hosting coupon codes

GoDaddy Hosting Coupon Codes’s Hosting Promo Codes Updated For June 2018:

  • GoDaddy Hosting For Just 1 Dollar Per Month!

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    This promo code will get you GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting Plan for just $1/Month. All new hosting plans include a free domain name registration, so you don’t need to buy a domain separately. Economy hosting only allows for 1 domain on your hosting account, so keep that in mind when choosing which package you want to buy.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

    Show Coupon
    GoDaddy’s also offering their WordPress plan for $1/month. This is basically their Economy plan, plus an enhanced version of WordPress. Of course, WordPress is free and easy to install on their regular hosting plans as well, so you don’t need to buy WordPress hosting to have a WordPress website.
  • Save 50% Off Deluxe and Ultimate Hosting Plans:

    Show Coupon

    This promo code saves you 50% off all of GoDaddy’s shared packages, which include: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. But the $1/month promotion above is a better deal for the Economy plan. This coupon is the best deal for Deluxe and Ultimate plans.
  • 50% Off Economy Hosting, Plus Your First Month Free:

    Show Coupon
    This promo code saves you 50% off the Economy plan, plus it gives you the first month free. The $1/month coupon above is still the better deal, although it doesn’t hurt to try this one too and see which one saves you more money overall.
  • Site-Wide Coupon Code: 35% Off Your Purchase

    Show Coupon

    This is a site-wide code that’ll work for all new purchases, with some small exceptions (i.e. gift cards). So if you’re buying lots of different GoDaddy products at once, like hosting and SSL certificates and website builders, then this code will save you the most money overall. If you’re just buying a hosting package, then the codes above are still better. Note: we’ve also created a GoDaddy SSL coupon page in case you’re looking for code specifically for that product:
  • 1st Month Free with GoDaddy’s Website Builder:

    Show Coupon

    Curious about using’s drag-and-drop website builder? You can try it out for free for your first month when you use this discount upon checkout.
  • Save 50% Off Microsoft Office 365:

    Show Coupon

    If you own a small business, then you might use Microsoft Office. GoDaddy is offering a cool discount on Office 365 (Microsoft’s subscription-based version of Office) for 50% off with this promo code.
  • Register a .COM Domain For 99 Cents:

    Show Coupon

    .COM is the world’s most popular domain extension. You can register your own .COM for just 99 cents with this coupon. Keep in mind that this can only be used once per customer….so choose wisely!
  • Take 34% Off Your Purchase:

    Show Coupon

    Use this coupon to save 34% off your purchase of all new products at This is another site-wide code that works for nearly everything you can buy on their website.
  • $9.99 Unlimited .COM Domains:

    Show Coupon

    But there’s a 99 cent coupon above! Why would I use this code? We understand. The 99 cent coupon can only be used for one domain registration. If you need to register lots of domains, you can use this to discount them all to $9.99 (the regular price is $14.99).
  • Save 30% Off All New Products:

    Show Coupon

    Use this coupon to save 30% off all new products at
  • Take 33% Off GoDaddy’s Domain Discount Club:

    Show Coupon

    GoDaddy’s domain discount club saves you money on domain registrations and renewals. If you’re an agency or you operate a large number of domains, then the domain discount club could save you money. This coupon saves you 33% off membership.

Everything You Need to Know about GoDaddy’s Hosting Packages:

20 years ago the only way a business would get much needed publicity was through the purchase of an advertisement spot on the local publication. Because of the cost, this proved to be disadvantageous to the small businesses.

Years later, there are blogs, online publications and websites that small businesses can utilize and get their products in front of millions of potential customers. As a business owner, you should invest in an online presence and your first step is to get your website up and running.

In this guide you will find answers to questions such as which is the best hosting company, about GoDaddy’s hosting packages, and how working with this service provider will boost your business’s revenue.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a leading web hosting company that manages over 73 million domains and has over 17 million satisfied customers.

How GoDaddy helps businesses grow:

Business experts agree that in the 21st century for business to experience exponential growth they must have an online presence. This is because people, especially millennials, first browse through websites looking for more information about a product before making a purchase.

This service provider helps you build a professional website, manage your work, and engage your current and potential customers.

GoDaddy’s products

GoDaddy offers the following

1. Domain names – This includes domain name registration, domain transfer, domain buy service, Premium DNS, private registration, domain auctions, protected registration, and certified domain.

2. Web hosting and storage – This includes managed WordPress hosting, dedicated IP, dedicated servers, web hosting, and GoDaddy virtual private servers.

3. Website builder – helps you design a website that easy grabs your customers’ attention.

4. Security – This involves getting you SSL certificates, Premium DNS, website security, and code signing certificates.

5. Design services – With this you get logo design services, eCommerce web design, and web design services.

6. Business and marketing solutions – This includes email marketing, online bookkeeping, Search Engine visibility, merchant accounts, online store, and listing your business.

7. Email and productivity – With this service you get fax thru email, a domain-based email, and the latest version of Microsoft Office.

8. Earn a commission – You can earn a commission through partnering in their affiliate programs.

GoDaddy Hosting Packages

GoDaddy offers three hosting packages. They offer advanced features and are quite affordable compared to competition. They include:

Baseline Economy Plan – This package is priced at $7.99 per month and with it you get one website hosting, unlimited bandwidth, basic email, free domain, but no SSL certificate.

The Deluxe Plan – costs $9.99 per month. This plan supports unlimited websites, has unlimited storage capacity, and unlimited subdomains.

The Ultimate Plan – costs $19.99. It comes with 2X processing the power and 2X the memory, as well as a free SSL certificate for one year, you will have to pay renewal fees, and free premium DNS.

You just have to choose one that suits your needs and your budget.

Benefits of working with this service provider:

• They are reliable and offer phone, Twitter, email and chat support 24/7.

• The pricing is economical

• It’s easy to use and has little downtime.

• They have a ton of resources that guides you on how to setup your website, install themes, and market your business.

• Your website gets unlimited bandwidth.

You can easily scale your business by creating an online presence. With this service provider you have a variety of products to choose from and the hosting packages are quite affordable.

godaddy renewal coupon code

GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes Renewal Promo Codes Updated For June 2018

  • 35% Off Coupon Code:

    Show Coupon

    This is a site-wide promo code that gives you 35% off new products at This is the best site-wide coupon available currently.
  • 33% Off The Domain Discount Club:

    Show Coupon

    Since GoDaddy stopped offering new renewal promo codes, the best way to save on renewals is to join their domain discount club. They will send you exclusive sales and pricing that will pay for itself if you own quite a few domain names. This code will save you 33% off membership.
  • Save $5 Off $75 For Hosting Renewals

    Show Coupon

    This is one of the last working renewal codes. It will save you $5 off your purchase of $75 or more.
  • Get a .COM For 99 Cents:

    Show Coupon

    Click this link and you’ll be taken to a special sale page where you can register a .COM domain name for just 99 cents. This promotion can only be used once per customer.
  • 50% Off GoDaddy Web Hosting Plans:

    Show Coupon

    Use this promo code to save 50% off new GoDaddy hosting plans. This is the best coupon for deluxe and ultimate shared hosting packages.
  • Take 34% Off New Purchases:

    Show Coupon
    This code saves you 34% off new purchases.
  • $1/Month Economy Hosting Promo Code:

    Show Coupon

    Get GoDaddy’s economy hosting for just $1/month when you redeem this voucher code. All new hosting purchases also include a free domain.
  • Get .CO Domains For $9.99:

    Show Coupon
    Register a .CO domain for just $9.99.
  • Try GoDaddy’s Website Builder Free For the First Month:

    Show Coupon
    You can try out godaddy’s custom drag and drop website builder for free for the first month when you use this coupon code.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

    Show Coupon
    GoDaddy’s offering their managed wordpress hosting for just $1/month when you use this promo code.

How to Redeem Your GoDaddy Coupons: is one of the leading domain registrars and web hosting companies. Here, you can register your domain name and form a website of your own in a fast and simple way. You will get a lot of paid services like email plans, SSL certificate along with efficient website builder with the GoDaddy. You access these as well as other special services by applying the coupon codes or promo codes during the purchase. If you are wondering how to use GoDaddy coupons, then here is the step by step process that you have to follow:

Step #1: Choosing The Product

You have to go to the website first and choose the product of your preference that you want to buy. Once you add the product to the cart after finalizing, click on the button “Continue To Cart” to proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Suggestion Of Recommended Products

Once you select the product of your choice, GoDaddy will recommend you some additional products that are related to the products you have chosen. For instance, if you have chosen a domain for purchase, then you will receive suggestions for privacy and email plans. You may or may not choose any and then click on ‘continue to cart’.

Step #3: Verify Shopping Cart

Once you click on the cart, you will be shown the cart with the products you have selected and the total purchase amount. You will also get to see the duration of your purchased item, unit and also the subtotal after any discount. Before you proceed to check out, scroll below and go to the end.

Step #4: Applying The Coupon Code

At the end of the page, you will notice an option called ‘Have A Promo Code?’. You will have to click on the link and then enter the code that you have. Once you apply the code, you will see a success message that your promo code has been successfully applied. When this message is shown, you will be able to avail the offer that comes with the code. Now click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete your purchase.

Important Points To Remember:

You can apply only one GoDaddy coupon code at a time while making your purchase

You can try out as many codes as you want when you’re in the shopping cart. You can click on the garbage icon to remove a code you have already applied, and then you can add a new one to see if it saves you more money. You can keep trying until you find the best code for your particular purchase.

About GoDaddy’s Renewal Coupons:

Sometime in late-2015, GoDaddy stopped offering publicly available coupon codes for renewals of domain names, hosting products, and the like. Every once in a while we find promo codes that will still work, and we put them up here for people to use and save. But as time goes on, these codes are dwindling. We’ve populated our list with lots of cool coupons for new products like Office 365, Website builders, SSL certificates, and domain registrations, but these are for new purchases (meaning it’s the first time you’ve ordered the product).

Here’s Some Ways To Keep Your Costs Down With GoDaddy:

Buy multiple years upfront – has lots of promotional prices that are ridiculously low: 99 cent domain registrations, $1/month web hosting, etc. If you lock in 2, 3, or more years into your initial purchase, you can save hundreds of dollars for yourself in a year or two. Especially with web hosting, which will renew at the regular rate.

You can also try registering your domain with GoDaddy and then transferring that domain (after the 60 day locking period) to another registrar like Hostpapa that has better renewal rates. Here are some codes for saving money with Hostpapa:

godaddy promo code

GoDaddy Promo Code Coupon Codes Updated For June 2018

Instructions: To redeem these coupons, click on the black buttons below. It will automatically copy the coupon code to your clipboard. Also, a new browser tab will open taking you to Then, enter the promo code in the checkout. It’s that easy!

  • Save 35% Off All New Products:

    Show Coupon
    This is a great site-wide promo code that you can use on all new products: domain names, SSL Certificates, web hosting plans and more.
  • Save on Web Hosting: Just $1/Month Web Hosting Packages:

    Show Coupon
    When you use this coupon, you can buy GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting plan for just $1/Month. All new hosting plans also come with a free domain name registration! We also have a full rundown of godaddy hosting-specific promo codes here:
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Starting at Just $1/Month:

    Show Coupon
    Got WordPress-optimized hosting from GoDaddy for just $1/Month when you redeem this promo code.
  • 34% Off New GoDaddy Purchases:

    Show Coupon

    This is an all-purpose promo code that’ll save you 34% off all new products.
  • 33% Off Coupon Code:

    Show Coupon
    Save 33% off all new purchases at
  • Register a .COM Domain For Just 99 Cents:

    Show Coupon
    You can reigster a .COM domain name for just 99 cents when you redeem this promo code. This special rate can only be redeemed once per customer.
  • Get a Free Trial of GoDaddy’s Website Builder:

    Show Coupon

    Try out GoDaddy’s own website builder and get your first month free when you use this promo code.
  • Register Unlimited .COM Domains For Just $9.99 Each:

    Show Coupon
    Have multiple .COM domains to register? Use this coupon and you’ll register each one for $9.99, instead of the regular price of $14.99/year. Depending on the
  • Get GoDaddy’s Web Hosting For Just $1/Month:

    Show Coupon
    You can buy GoDaddy’s Economy hosting for just $1/month when you use this promo code. Keep in mind that all new hosting plans also include a free domain registration.
  • 50% Off All New Hosting Plans:

    Show Coupon

    Save 50% all new GoDaddy’s hosting plans. If you want to buy GoDaddy’s Deluxe or Ultimate shared hosting plans, then this is the best coupon for you.
  • Get a .CO Domain Name For Just $9.99:

    Show Coupon
    You can register a .CO domain name for just $9.99 with this promo code.
  • 20% Off SSL Certificates:

    Show Coupon
    Save 20% off a GoDaddy SSL certificate with this promo code. The 20% is for a 1-year purchase. On a one year purchase, the savings is 10%.
  • GoDaddy Canada: Register a .CA Domain For 99 Cents:

    Show Coupon

    If you’re looking for a .CA domain, then there’s never been a better opportunity: get a .CA domain for 99 cents when you redeem this promo code.
  • Save 30% Off All New Products:

    Show Coupon

    Use this coupon to save 30% off all new products at
  • Another 30% Off Go Daddy Promo Code:

    Show Coupon

    This one works like the other 30% off coupon: redeem it and save 30% off your purchase.


Facts To Know About GoDaddy

Are you interested in GoDaddy web hosting? Do you want to know more about GoDaddy? GoDaddy, an American-based web hosting company and the world’s largest domain name registrar is popular among the users for some of its innovative and unique features. Moreover, it offers affordable options for small businesses. If you are a bit confused about this web service provider, you can consider the following facts.

GoDaddy Facts

  • GoDaddy provides the largest inventory of domain name extensions including .CLUB, .LONDON, and .COM. All these are designed to help the users, especially the small businesses to establish a secure digital identity without spending much. Moreover, it is active in the market by buying and selling previously owned domains.

  • GoDaddy provides different types of the productivity tools to make it easy for the users to improve performance. It has a strategic partnership with Microsoft that enables the company to offer Office 365 to help the GoDaddy customers to seamlessly access cloud storage, domain name, and productivity solutions. It also has Online Bookkeeping facility to enable small businesses to organize their finance.

  • GoDaddy offers Email marketing to help businesses to connect with the customers via a beautiful, simple, easy, and effective marketing. Besides, it offers Smarline second phone app that enables the businesses to receive and make calls using the business numbers to ensure the privacy of the personal numbers.

  • GoDaddy provides some unique features to make the businesses more secure and fast. Its digital identity products can help all the businesses to get online and to get up quickly. It has GoCental to help the businesses to get fast online. You can say that it has everything to help the small businesses to prosper and to reach the potential buyers in the best convenient manner.

  • When it comes to the web hosting, it has above ten million websites all over the world. It is dedicated to delivering an easy, reliable, and fast web hosting. The company provides different hosting plans including Shared, Dedicated, and Virtual Private Servers in addition to the WordPress Service.

  • GoDaddy offers GoDaddy SSL certificated for the best protection of the credit card data and sensitive information. It offers three types of the SSL certificates, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. All of these come with some advanced features. You will have both affordable and expensive options. You can choose the one depending on your budget and requirement.

  • GoDaddy has more than 17 million customers worldwide. It mainly focuses on the small businesses. That makes this company more popular among the small businesses.

  • This web service provider is not limited to domain name only. It can help you in many ways to reach your potential buyers with an impressive design. It offers web hosting service, web design, web creation, marketing services, and e-commerce for the small businesses. There will be some features to maintain security and to protect your privacy as well.

  • GoDaddy provides services and support to above 100 countries and 50 markets. This web-hosting service is popular in different countries across the globe. It has data centers in Brazil, India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Ireland, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

godaddy promo code - coupon codes

GoDaddy Promo Code, iPhone Apps and More Gift Ideas for Dad.

Seven Great Presents for Dad

Sometimes dads are a little tricky when it comes to deciding on just the right gift to give them on Father’s Day. Here are some suggestions that may strike a note with you or, perhaps, give you a good idea for something else your dad might enjoy getting. Take a look!


  1. GoDaddy Coupon Codes

What? Bear with us: like most Dads, he probably harbours some desire to start his own business, write a book, or do something really cool (if he isn’t already, that is!). If you go search on websites for a godaddy promo code, then you can write them down, wrap them in a box, and then write a heart-felt note about how you want them to go after their dreams. Pretty good idea, right? You can also search for a godaddy coupon code on this website as well (if the first one doesn’t work out for whatever reason). Then, they can create a website with GoDaddy, whether it’s a business blog or an author website.
We created some GoDaddy coupon resources for you:


2. Barbecue Grill (A Classic).

One of the directions some people take is the barbecue grill. The assumption is that most dads like to cook out on the grill. Whether fathers like to grill is up for discussion, but it’s true there are lots of guys out there who consider themselves grill masters. If your dad is one of these, he might just love getting the Sriracha Cha Cha Gift Set. It includes Sriracha-infused bacon, popcorn, a jar of Sriracha Jam, Sriracha Cheddar Cheesy Puffs, and two different types of Sriracha sauces that are excellent for grilled food. It’s $57.50, well worth the money, and is for sale on

3. Tools (Another classic).

Another go-to gift for fathers is a tool of some sort. This gift is even better if the tool is several tools in one. That’s why the Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Tool on Amazon is such a unique find. It weighs only 11 ounces and measures 5 1/4″ overall but includes a hammer, screwdrivers, a knife, pliers, a serrated blade, wire cutters, wire stripper, a can opener and a key holder, and a file. The maker is the Great Neck Saw Manufacturer that has been in business for over 80 years. Dads will love this brilliant tool. It costs a mere $13.00.

4. BirchBox Subscriptionx

For dads who are hard to buy for, how about the Birch Box subscription for men? This box is sent monthly for as many months as you wish for $20 a month, or for six months at $110 and has various grooming products handpicked for the type of dad you have. Even guys think getting a present every month is a fun idea.

5. A Valet

Every gentleman needs a valet, especially this Oak Nightstand Valet, found on Etsy, that can rest on his bedside table and hold his phone, glasses, watch, and activity tracker. The stand can be made to order in several wood choices, and monograms are available, too, in three different fonts. The valet is $40.

6. A Wallet iPhone Case

Cool dads will be so excited to receive an iPhone case that is also a wallet. This holder is a convenience that any fellow would be happy to have. The wallet holds cash, credit cards, and driver’s license. The authentic brown leather will become softer and more supple over time and will, eventually, take on a vintage vibe. The case/wallet is currently $24.

7. A Bike Helmet

If your dad is a bike rider, he needs a good helmet. has a helmet that is foldable and costs $140. Made in Spain, this helmet is just right for the urban cyclist because it is fully collapsible, making it easy to store in a backpack or briefcase. It is covered by European, Asian and US safety standards and has a hidden ventilation system to keep his head cool. A multi-size stretchy system ensures the helmet will fit all sizes of heads and guarantees comfort for all wearers. An NFC chip connects the headgear to your smartphone.

Amaze your father by giving him a gift he will like. He will, without a doubt, be surprised.


How Hostpapa Coupon Codes Will Convert a Website into an App.

At present, the usage of smart phones and tablets has become extremely popular across the globe and it can be rightly asserted that we are living in a world which is dominated by mobile devices. Consequently, it is imperative to focus on the different alternatives of converting a website into a mobile app provided you have a site of your own.

How Hostpapa Coupon Codes Fit Into This:

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In this post, we will throw some light on how to convert your website into an app.

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Steps for converting your site into an Android app

Here we will be discussing the conversion procedure. Even if you don’t know much about programming, you must be aware of the fact that there are lots of resources which can turn your site into an app. You can always take the help of experienced software developers in case you would like to have a robust app. But what will the developers do for accomplishing the job? Here are the subsequent steps that should be taken with them:

1. Functionality of the website

First of all, these programmers must understand exactly how the app is going to look and also what will be performed by it and they can do this by listing all the basic features of the website. Here it should be mentioned that the app will never be the same as the website and there will be several website features which are going to differ from that of the app.

2. Estimate of the development expenditure

It will be possible to summarize exactly how much the app development expenditure is going to be and also how to make an app from a website successfully simply by taking into account several integrated features as well as their complexity.

3. User story

The user story intended for the developers has to be written by the project manager. But what is a user story? It is actually a comprehensive list of features which will enable the developers to fix many crucial problems prior to commencing coding. It is important for them to look for the best alternatives regarding implementing the required functionality.

4. UI/UX layout

It is the responsibility of the designer to generate optimum user experience for the mobile app along with a fantastic interface which should attract all the future users. Although the color background and color spectrum can be identical as that of the site, it is important to develop the design according to the particularities of the mobile gadgets as well as the mobile platform. It is possible that you have no idea of converting a website into an app and in that case, it will be a smart decision to employ experienced designers to assist you.

5. Development procedure

In this case, high level of expertise is going to be applied by the developers. Besides taking the help of the Android Studio, they also should apply other technologies in order to perform impeccable app development for you.

We like to conclude this post by mentioning that the communication with server and database is not going to be the same on the mobile app and the website. One must be aware of this fact while making an app from any website. Also, the structure of the app is going to differ from that of the site – it is not possible for the app to connect to the database directly whereas, in the other scheme, the communication between the app and database is going to be performed by the server.

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Google Coupon Codes and Website Optimization

The way people browse the internet is changing from desktop computers to mobile devices. In fact, there are now over a billion mobile web users, and this number is growing fast. Unfortunately, many websites are still designed only for desktop browsers. This means that a lot of sites will not display properly on mobile devices. If visitors can’t properly view your site to read its content, they will probably end up visiting one of your competitor’s online. Therefore, you must optimize your site for mobile searches, so all visitors can read your content. 

There are a myriad of ways to help you make your website mobile-friendly. Most hosting providers, which of course offer a great set of godaddy renewal coupon codes for end-users, will provide a mobile-friendly website builder. If you choose to use an application like WordPress or Joomla, there are thousands of free themes available that are ‘responsive’: meaning they conform to the screen of each of your website’s visitors. These are free, although there are some very good, high-quality paid themes available as well. These can be expensive, but keep in mind that there are always lots of cool godaddy coupons out there to help you save money.

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The first step to optimize your site for mobile searches is to make sure that all devices will be able to view your site. Screen sizes vary with different devices. Therefore, you can’t design your web pages to fit one specific screen size. A good mobile-friendly site design is flexible. That way your site’s display will be able to adapt to any screen size. A web programmer will be able to test how your site looks on different screen sizes.

Functionality is key when creating a user-friendly site. Functionality is also key for mobile-friendly sites. Users want to browse your site with ease. You don’t want visitors to have any difficulty locating different web pages and finding their desired content. If your mobile site isn’t functional, visitors might not get to see all of your content. Also, your site needs to load quickly on a mobile device. If visitors have to wait too long for your pages to load, they might leave your site.

When desktop users visit your site, they are most likely using a standard keyboard and mouse. However, most mobile users will be using touchscreens. Therefore, mobile technology changes how visitors access and interact with your site. You don’t want visitors tapping web links that won’t open for them. Instead, design your web pages and links so mobile users can open them with a tap on their touchscreen. You also must make sure that links are easily recognizable, so users will know to tap on them.

Finally, content is the most important thing on any site. The entire point of a site is to share content with visitors. Therefore, you don’t want to hide any of your content from mobile visitors (like some sites do). Offering mobile visitors a watered-down version of your content will undercut the message you are trying to communicate to them.  Instead, design a layout that is adaptable, so that all of your content is available to all of your visitors. You will want to test how your content looks on mobile screens to make sure it’s user-friendly.

In short, webmasters must focus on optimizing their sites for mobile searches. This is because most web searches now come from mobile devices. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile technology, you will be unable to able to reach many web users. Hiring a professional web programmer to make your web content mobile friendly is a good investment. A programmer will be able to test how your site looks on different screen sizes, making sure its content is available to all visitors.